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Our Mission

At Navesink Wealth Management we recognize the importance of our being held to the fiduciary standard, in advisory relationships, providing you with suitable investment management and professional advice. As an independent financial services firm, we focus solely on serving your needs. This provides you with the confidence you seek to pursue financial independence on your terms.

Retirement Planning Approach

We believe a comprehensive assessment of your complete investment picture is critical to developing a suitable retirement strategy. We believe in tailoring your retirement strategy to fit your unique needs, goals, and financial situation. We believe-regardless of what’s happening in the market-you don’t have to take excessive risks to work toward reaching your long-term goals.

Investment Selection

We believe the manager of your retirement investments should have a proven approach to help build assets and make them last. We believe the manager of your retirement assets should have a proven long-term track record through all markets.We believe the key to making your retirement savings last is finding investment managers with a commitment to results.

Commitment to Service

We can provide you with an investment evaluation that weighs your needs and goals. We can review and recommend adjustments in response to needs, goals, or changes in strategy. We can set up meetings with you and your beneficiaries to discuss options and benefits.